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To succeed in business today, you need to be flexible and have good planning and organizational skills. Of course, you can learn that over time as you grow. However, many people start a business thinking that they’ll just turn on their computers or open their doors and start making money, only to find that making money in their business is much more difficult than they thought.

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Coaching, Mentoring, and Consultation

As a Business Starter Planner, I've met with many entrepreneurs full of ideas and energy about their projects. They're excited about sharing their dreams and vision for their business. But, it's usually not written. It's always verbally spoken. When I dig deeper asking them questions about how they'll accomplish their business start-up? In most cases, they're clueless. So, starting a business right alleviates chaos on the backend of your business success.

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The "Anchor Call 1-Hour" will focus on coaching and mentoring of the process involved in building a healthy start-up business. During our 1-hour call, I will walk you through the strategies, procedures, and the process needed to launch your business correctly, as well as provide you with a list of contacts to help you work through the technical process.

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One-Hour Session: $297

Website Set-up & Development

Whether your company needs a new website to engage with customers, automate processes, or a web portal to help align your workflows, Anchorednow custom web developers have the programming expertise and specific experience to build it quickly, efficiently and in perfect alignment with your vision.

The monthly mangement of your website is not included in this cost. Click to get started.

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Quarterly Board Training

  • Learn to create a true board whether there is no board at all or only a minimum board before you launch your business. Get best practices for creating a board and or transforming one, whether the board has been inactive and intends to become more active.
  • Drive positive dynamics into your board through a deeper awareness of what happens when their roles are defined within your board.
  • Understanding board best-practices on risks and how to be proactive to avoid risks.
  • Understanding finance knowledge to make tough decisions about your company in the areas of sustainability.

Three hour sessions: $500

Grant writing Success Checklist

Many non-profits turn to a grant writing consultant to assist them with planning, brainstorming ideas, research, and fundraising efforts, rather than hiring a full-time, in-house grant writer.

Grants are not available for everything. And, most grants are funded when the organization or the program can show sustainability of their business over time.

Explore this checklist to hel you with the overview of the entire process and you'll find some helpful tips and resources included.


Anchor Call (6)

The consultation is simply that. I support your grant writer in the process to finish strong and provide exact steps that they'll need to earn the funding desired. The process includes:

  • Organization: Make sure the documents are aligned with procedures entailed in the grant. Readability.
  • Research and Statistics: Ensure the demographics match the area in which the grant is being pursued. This is a huge component in the process of "Needs Assessment."
  • Assist with Sustainability: Work with the grant writer to assist with other ways to sustain the program or the organization appying for the grant. Every grant is not for an organization or business.

Final 3-Weeks Before Submission of Grant Application: $997