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Where I create space for women to discover pathways to pursue spiritual restoration, personal growth and development so that they can employ the resources needed to fulfill their purpose while networking and constructing a circle of friends to love and support them.

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Anchorednow resources are available to aid you in dealing with any situation that seems to be impossible to overcome when facing difficult challenges.

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Many people today have created blogs for a variety of reasons. Every human being has their own story to tell. And yes, you have one to tell too. Some people think out loud and want the world to know. That's me. I just want the world to know my thoughts as they search the internet for ways to soothe the mind, the body and the soul. Shucks! I just want to communicate!

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We create pathways to empower other women and celebrate their successes. We network with other women to remove the barriers that may make other women feel threatened by another woman’s achievements. Our goal is to become a cheerleader for each other as we cast a wider net to applaud another women’s accomplishments. We network to remove comfort zones and envision pathways to success while creating a circle of friends to support each other's endeavors.

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So you're looking to start a business? But you don't know how to get started? Well! You've come to the right place. If you want to work hard and live and breathe your dream. Let's go! You can turn what's in your head into a big dream. Yup! You have original content waiting to be released that other need hear about. Take the time to click the link the below so you can get started with inspiring, teaching and moving others to be as great as you want to become.

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Not all career paths are straightforward. Sometimes you take a wrong turn, sometimes you get lost, and sometimes you just need a change. No matter what your situation is, I will use my critical thinking and creative skills to pull out the most relevant details about what you want to accomplish! I use targeted keywords. Snappy, yet concise writing to demonstrate that you are worth the investment. Let me help you navigate your business or prayer life so that you can end up where you want to be.

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COLORs is 28 Days of Healing for Families Desiring Spiritual Restoration that will challenge you and your family to work together, learn, explore, and hold one another up, while holding one another accountable. The COLORs ebook along with the Goal-Setting Planner will help navigate your day from start to finish.


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